Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Week 7 blogs

This is How We Dream

I enjoyed Mr. Miller's view point on how to bring the humanities and science together. Many people argue that the humanities do not matter. They say that it is a lost art, and that it does not help the progress of the human race as does science. I like how he ties in the two together so that they both become important. If the lovers of art could find a way to use technology in their art, then it would be easy to convince others that are does matter. Then, it would be part of science. It is an amazing idea to bring the two studies together.

I am totally ready to this. Writing via multimedia gives the writer limitless possibilities. Not only can the author write, they can also add visuals to give the reader and inside view of the authors mind. Boy would that make deciphering poetry so much easier! I know I would love to speak with many of my favorite authors and know what they were thinking at the time.

I believe that my future students will probably be ready to write multimedia. I mean, they are using computers more now than ever in public schools. Almost everything is done electronically. My students will probably more ready than I will to make this change. I will more than likely learn a lot from them, and I am willing to do that.

The Networking Student

This video was very interesting. It shows how much students, or people in general for that matter, can do on their own. All they need is access to the Internet and a background in how to use it. They probably don't even need a background due to all the how-to videos and sites that are available. There is endless possibility to what a person can do, and become with the help of the Internet. We can communicate with people around the world, we can access lectures at colleges, we can buy things, we can pay bills.

A student can find almost any information about a subject, and teach his or herself in doing so. So the question is then asked, why do we even need teacher, and schools if the Internet is the universal teacher? The video said that the teacher can help you sort through all the loads of information on the Internet, and serve as a support system. Which are all true, but I think the answer goes even further than that.

Think about this. A doctor is consider higher ranking than a teacher, but without the teacher there would be no doctor. So, if there we no teachers, those educational videos would not be posted to the web. Without teachers, there would be no iTunes U. Without teachers there would be no students. Only people wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out what to do next.

Toward a new future of Whatever

I absolutely love this guy! He references Nirvana, how can you not love that. Yes I am bias toward Michael Wesch. He makes great points about people striving to be an individual. Everybody wants to be different. I always considered it a fad, kind of like the hippie phase, or the grunge phase, or the lace and big hair look like Madonna phase. Every generation has their own "thing", their own anthem, their own way of life. But technology is not just taking over this generation. It is taking over the world, and all generations. Wesch shows the 92 year old guy singing about youtube, my gran mother gets upset if I don't text her.

I also think that it has been the human race's long goal to understand the self, and all its variations. You see it in the Romantic poets, you see it in books across the years, you see it in movies, in music, and now we see it on youtube, and the Internet. This never ending struggle to understand the self. Now the Internet has opened up this way to be yourself completely and post it to the Internet. It is amazing! One step for man, One giant leap for mankind!! haha

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