Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Comments for teachers Part 1

I was assigned to follow Carl Fisch's class blog

My first comment:
I am following this blog as an assignment for my EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. I just wanted to say that I think it is amazing how much the teacher did with these two books. It is definitely important to understand what was going on in history during the time a book is written. It helps the reader better understands the circumstances in which a work was written. I also love the fact that the students had a chance to interact with the author. That is awesome!

My second comment:
I have not personally used Google Apps for Education, but in my EDM310 class use gmail and google documents. I find it to be very useful. Dr. Strange can share things with us all the time, and the students can also share things easily . I enjoy using my blog spot, and I am thinking of starting my own personal blog, and not just the one I use for my class. As far as your comment about K-12 work for the most part not being worth keeping, I disagree. Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstien when she was 19. Imagine what she was doing before then.

My third comment:
"what can we do that we haven't already done?" Something tells me that people fifty years ago thought the same thing. When we went to the moon it was mind blowing for the people of that time. When we launched the first satellite, that was mind blowing. When dial up internet was accessible at the home, when the computer was available for the home the list goes on and on. I think to say we are at our limit as far as progress goes is a cop out. A way to say "oh well, good enough."

Comments for kids

Comments for kids: post one week 4
I was assigned to look at a class blog called meresideblog's Blog. It was very interesting. I had to play a game, and it was very difficult to beat it.

Post 2: week 5
I was assigned to look at a student's blog. Her name was Kameron V. I could tell she was young because of her grammar. It was fun to look at.

Post 3: Week 6
I was assigned to look at a student's blog named Tyreese. Unfortunately it would not work properly.

Post 4 week 7
I was assigned to look at a second grade blog from Tanzania. One of the teachers was able to skype into class, while she was on maternity leave. Yay technology!

Post 5 Week 8
I was assigned to look at Arturo's first blog. He said that he thinks that technology effects families. He thinks that people can get addicted to electronics and neglect their family.

Post 6 Week 9
I was assigned to Anita's sixth blog. She was the director of a one minute film about a girl losing her pencil case. It was cute.

Post 7 Week 10
I watched a video about pop idol on jessica's blog. It was very creative, and the music was great!

Post 8 Week 12
I had to look at Isaac's picture of him waiting in line at the play ground. It was epic.

Post 9 Week 13
I read Evan's blog about flying a kit. He wasw very descriptive.

Post 10 Week 14
I watched Maru's video on how to play sensible games to keep everyone safe. I liked it. It rocked. YAY.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 6 blogs

Dr. Alice Christie
I really liked the section of Dr. Alice's site on GPS and Geocaching. I know a lot of people who own a gps, and use it all the time. I just recently discovered what Geocaching was, but I would definitely like to try it our soon. It sounds absolutely amazing. So the question is how can these things be used for education? I mean a gps is to get you places, and geocaching is just for fun right? Wrong!

I feel like the trick to being a good teacher, is finding ways to entertain your students and teach them at the same time. Geocaching would be a great way to do that, and integrate technology into the mix as well. Which apparently is the problem presented with today's teachers(integrating technology into their lesson plans). A teacher could set up a Geocaching trip to practice problem solving skills. They must find this "prize", which could be extra points or a study guide, and do so by using what they've given! Yay technology.

iTunes University

iTunes University is an extremely useful tool to both students and to teachers. It is amazing how much information you can get from iTunes U. I am going to go out on limb, and say it is probably one of the best invention on the Internet ever! It is like google, but for college students. Kind of like facebook was just for college students, before everyone else got invited! You can instructional video's and lectures on almost anything you could image. It is almost like going to college for free, except you do not get credit. Because we all know you must spend thousands of dollars a semester to be considered smart by the United States Government, but that is for a whole different blog.

iTunes U could be just as a helpful tool to teachers as it is to students. If a teacher is having trouble on how to teach something, they could look it up on iTunes U and take notes from other teacher! We all know that teachers are really life long learners! Not only could it help teachers learn, the teachers could use iTunes U as an assignment. Teachers could assign students to listen to podcasts or lectures or instructional videos!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Week 5 blogs

Wikipedia or wackapedia?

Wikipedia. It is topic that has been debated since it was invinted. We all know that anyone can change wikipedia, even people who did not do so well on their IQ test. We also know that "people", whoever they are, keep a close eye on Wikipedia, and try their best to monitor what is posted to the site. All students have been told not to use it as a source in their English papers. So, the question arises, is Wikipedia a reliable source. I think not. I beleive it is a great jumping off point in your research. Wikipedia is best at giving one an overview of a topic; therefore, it would be a good place to get farmiliar with the subject one is researching.

So now Virgil Griffith has invented this Wikipedia scanner to allow everyone to see who has made what changes to Wikipedia. I think that it was a clever idea. It shows people that you cannot believe everything you read or see. Everything that is printed or posted is done with some type of bias. However, I do not think that we should look down on these companies for trying to preserve their image over Wikipedia. It is their right to do so. If they were trying to change something more concrete, it would be different. Wikipedia is almost like another form of press. It would be like looking down on them for changing their own website or facebook.

Mr. McClung

I loved this blog. It seems that Mr.Mclung understands the true meaning of what a teacher should be. A teacher is someone who cares about his or her students future, and tries to supply them with the tools to be successful in that future, whatever it may be. For some kids, that teacher may be the only person in his or her life that does care about their future. Not only do you have to car, you also have to understand that things are not going to always be perfect. As a teacher, you must take that in stride.

Mr. McClung admitted that he was not the teacher he needed to be at the begining. He says that he was too controlling, and tried to do things that were centered areound him, not his students. It would be easy to make that mistake. After all, it is your career, not the students. But the truth is, it is your career to be all about the student. Thanks Me.McClung for pointing out all these important points.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week 4

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom

Before this class, I had never really dealt with podcasts. The only time I had ever come into contact with them is when I was playing in itunes or heard it on my favorite television show One Tree Hill(my favorite character had a podcast). I knew that it was basically just someones voice recorded so people could listen to it. I did not know what the purpose of a podcast was, or that it was even used educationally.

This video, The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom, really cleared my confusion on the subject. It answered many questions I had, such as does a podcast have video. The answer is yes; it is refereed to as a vodcast. The video also showed the different ways a podcast can be used. I love the way the teacher used it by reading aloud the students reading, and having different voices for each character. That would have totally caught my attention in school rather than reading it straight from the text. He also pointed out that student, if they were to miss class, would have access to all the material taught in class.

Learning How To Podcast.

I have read over many of the how to's on podcasting, but I think it is going to take me actually doing it to understand it in its entirety. So that means I am in the right class, right? I am excited that this course is going to make it easier to these things. I understand, and have downloaded the things I needed for the audio files. I have even began to play around with the microphone, but I am still a little worried about doing an actual podcast. I want to be able to make my podcast stimulating, and innovative.

I also did not know that there were awards for things like podcasting. The tutorial even indicated that one could make a career with podcasting. I find that interesting. While technology may be shutting out jobs, and replacing people with robots, is is still creating new ones. Ahh the circle of life.... or technology.

EPN Education Podcast Network

I really enjoyed this website. Whoever designed this website is awesome because it is so easy to use! I went directly to the Secondary Education link, and tested out a few of them. It is easier to listen to things being taught by people my own age. Maybe it is because I can relate to them, and it does not sound like I am being taught. It is just easier to listen to people my age, if that makes any sense at all. I am sure this works the same for people in every age group. Generally, people like to talk with people their own age. So perhaps that translates into teacher/student situations as well. 10 minute blitz is my favorite podcast on this website.