Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Comments for kids

Comments for kids: post one week 4
I was assigned to look at a class blog called meresideblog's Blog. It was very interesting. I had to play a game, and it was very difficult to beat it.

Post 2: week 5
I was assigned to look at a student's blog. Her name was Kameron V. I could tell she was young because of her grammar. It was fun to look at.

Post 3: Week 6
I was assigned to look at a student's blog named Tyreese. Unfortunately it would not work properly.

Post 4 week 7
I was assigned to look at a second grade blog from Tanzania. One of the teachers was able to skype into class, while she was on maternity leave. Yay technology!

Post 5 Week 8
I was assigned to look at Arturo's first blog. He said that he thinks that technology effects families. He thinks that people can get addicted to electronics and neglect their family.

Post 6 Week 9
I was assigned to Anita's sixth blog. She was the director of a one minute film about a girl losing her pencil case. It was cute.

Post 7 Week 10
I watched a video about pop idol on jessica's blog. It was very creative, and the music was great!

Post 8 Week 12
I had to look at Isaac's picture of him waiting in line at the play ground. It was epic.

Post 9 Week 13
I read Evan's blog about flying a kit. He wasw very descriptive.

Post 10 Week 14
I watched Maru's video on how to play sensible games to keep everyone safe. I liked it. It rocked. YAY.

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  1. Did you feel strange looking at and commenting on the students blogs?