Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Comments for teachers Part 1

I was assigned to follow Carl Fisch's class blog

My first comment:
I am following this blog as an assignment for my EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. I just wanted to say that I think it is amazing how much the teacher did with these two books. It is definitely important to understand what was going on in history during the time a book is written. It helps the reader better understands the circumstances in which a work was written. I also love the fact that the students had a chance to interact with the author. That is awesome!

My second comment:
I have not personally used Google Apps for Education, but in my EDM310 class use gmail and google documents. I find it to be very useful. Dr. Strange can share things with us all the time, and the students can also share things easily . I enjoy using my blog spot, and I am thinking of starting my own personal blog, and not just the one I use for my class. As far as your comment about K-12 work for the most part not being worth keeping, I disagree. Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstien when she was 19. Imagine what she was doing before then.

My third comment:
"what can we do that we haven't already done?" Something tells me that people fifty years ago thought the same thing. When we went to the moon it was mind blowing for the people of that time. When we launched the first satellite, that was mind blowing. When dial up internet was accessible at the home, when the computer was available for the home the list goes on and on. I think to say we are at our limit as far as progress goes is a cop out. A way to say "oh well, good enough."

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