Friday, February 12, 2010

Week 5 blogs

Wikipedia or wackapedia?

Wikipedia. It is topic that has been debated since it was invinted. We all know that anyone can change wikipedia, even people who did not do so well on their IQ test. We also know that "people", whoever they are, keep a close eye on Wikipedia, and try their best to monitor what is posted to the site. All students have been told not to use it as a source in their English papers. So, the question arises, is Wikipedia a reliable source. I think not. I beleive it is a great jumping off point in your research. Wikipedia is best at giving one an overview of a topic; therefore, it would be a good place to get farmiliar with the subject one is researching.

So now Virgil Griffith has invented this Wikipedia scanner to allow everyone to see who has made what changes to Wikipedia. I think that it was a clever idea. It shows people that you cannot believe everything you read or see. Everything that is printed or posted is done with some type of bias. However, I do not think that we should look down on these companies for trying to preserve their image over Wikipedia. It is their right to do so. If they were trying to change something more concrete, it would be different. Wikipedia is almost like another form of press. It would be like looking down on them for changing their own website or facebook.

Mr. McClung

I loved this blog. It seems that Mr.Mclung understands the true meaning of what a teacher should be. A teacher is someone who cares about his or her students future, and tries to supply them with the tools to be successful in that future, whatever it may be. For some kids, that teacher may be the only person in his or her life that does care about their future. Not only do you have to car, you also have to understand that things are not going to always be perfect. As a teacher, you must take that in stride.

Mr. McClung admitted that he was not the teacher he needed to be at the begining. He says that he was too controlling, and tried to do things that were centered areound him, not his students. It would be easy to make that mistake. After all, it is your career, not the students. But the truth is, it is your career to be all about the student. Thanks Me.McClung for pointing out all these important points.


  1. Haley,

    You are correct about Wiki's being a goo dplace to get an overall view of a topic and then going from there and getting more solid reliable information. If it is used with caution it can be a great tool for us.

  2. Hi Haley, I'm in class F.
    I really enjoyed reading Mr. C's reflections on being a first year teacher. I'm sure it's a scary experience but I can't wait to find out. I had a few teacher centered classrooms when I was young and I know that was not the best approach for my learning experience. Students need to feel loved and acceptance. Like you said, their teacher may be the only one that fulfills those needs for them.

  3. I agree with Mr Tashbin, Wikapedia is a good initial sources but always have other sources to back it up. Good Luck and thanks for sharing.