Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week 4

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom

Before this class, I had never really dealt with podcasts. The only time I had ever come into contact with them is when I was playing in itunes or heard it on my favorite television show One Tree Hill(my favorite character had a podcast). I knew that it was basically just someones voice recorded so people could listen to it. I did not know what the purpose of a podcast was, or that it was even used educationally.

This video, The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom, really cleared my confusion on the subject. It answered many questions I had, such as does a podcast have video. The answer is yes; it is refereed to as a vodcast. The video also showed the different ways a podcast can be used. I love the way the teacher used it by reading aloud the students reading, and having different voices for each character. That would have totally caught my attention in school rather than reading it straight from the text. He also pointed out that student, if they were to miss class, would have access to all the material taught in class.

Learning How To Podcast.

I have read over many of the how to's on podcasting, but I think it is going to take me actually doing it to understand it in its entirety. So that means I am in the right class, right? I am excited that this course is going to make it easier to these things. I understand, and have downloaded the things I needed for the audio files. I have even began to play around with the microphone, but I am still a little worried about doing an actual podcast. I want to be able to make my podcast stimulating, and innovative.

I also did not know that there were awards for things like podcasting. The tutorial even indicated that one could make a career with podcasting. I find that interesting. While technology may be shutting out jobs, and replacing people with robots, is is still creating new ones. Ahh the circle of life.... or technology.

EPN Education Podcast Network

I really enjoyed this website. Whoever designed this website is awesome because it is so easy to use! I went directly to the Secondary Education link, and tested out a few of them. It is easier to listen to things being taught by people my own age. Maybe it is because I can relate to them, and it does not sound like I am being taught. It is just easier to listen to people my age, if that makes any sense at all. I am sure this works the same for people in every age group. Generally, people like to talk with people their own age. So perhaps that translates into teacher/student situations as well. 10 minute blitz is my favorite podcast on this website.

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