Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blog 9

Alex, or the Alabama Learning Exchange, is an extremely helpful site to teachers. Basically, the site is a place for teachers to share all the information they have found that is helpful to teachers. The teachers have their own personal workspace on the site where they can make lesson plans. The lesson plans can be viewed by other teachers at any time. The teacher can also upload links to websites in order to assist other teachers. There is also a spot for pod casts on the site. This website is very easy to navigate, and user friendly.

I think that this was an amazing idea, and is very beneficial to teachers, and administrators. Perhaps a teacher is stuck on how to teacher a certain thing. Instead of googling it and having to weed through all the bull that pops up, they can log on to this ligament site. It could also be good for administrators, because they can see what other schools in their state are doing. They can know what to expect, or get idea on how to improve the way things are being taught.

Access, connecting classrooms, educators, and students statewide, gives everyone involved and amazing opportunity. This is a very new idea to the education system. This is how it works. Students sign up for the class, and go to a classroom in their school just like always. The only difference is they have an e Teacher. Which is a teacher who would skype in or something like that. This program was set up to allow students to be able to take classes that may not be offered at the school. The school is supposed to provide computers, internet, and all the things involved with the class. This program is also a way for teachers to have a better job oportunity. Lets say a teacher lives in Mobile, but is qualitfied to teach a course that is only offered in schools in montgomery. Yay eteahcer! now the teacher does not have to move, just know how to work a computer.

I think this is a great way to give everyone a better chance in acheiving what they would like to do. We always here stories of what could have been if they only had the tools they needed. The innercity kid who could not get his life together because the school systems were not up to par. This is where programs like acces should focus on. Access gives those kids a chance, and teachers a chance to.


  1. I agree that ALEX and ACCESS are beneficial sites for teachers. There is alot of great information in ALEX and ACCESS is a great way for teachers to bring new ideas and techniques to their students. Great BLOG!

  2. I agree with what you wrote about ALEX and ACCESS. They are great sites to help the students be able to take any classes they want to, even if the school doesn't offer it. Great job.

  3. Hey Haley,
    I find that both ALEX and ACCESS is a great idea. I moved in from Georgia and the state doesn't have any programs like these two.

  4. Hey Haley,
    Great post on ALEX and ACCESS. I went to a private high school, I wish I would have been able to take advantage of a program like this. I hope to be able to find out more about these programs, especially ACCESS.