Thursday, April 8, 2010

Post 12 Week 13

The Zax

I enjoyed this video. It was a cute, simple way to show us how being stubborn can get you nowhere. The north going zax never got north, and the south going zax never got south. We can see this in everyday life. If you let someone else get in your way, then you will be stuck where you at infinitely. I hope that I never become a zax. The zaxes seemed so consumed with their pride and not backing down that they lost sense of the reason they statred on their journey to begin with.

As for the second video:
I think it is very important to post your work for the world to see. Yes, their are some creeps out there, but you cannot live your life in fear and miss out on the good things. Take singer Kate Vogele for example. Her music was discovered on myspace, and she is a big star now. She has a permanent role on the CW's One Tree Hill, and has two hit records. I wish I could do that. Yay internet.

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