Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Final Post Ever!!!!!! for this class anyway

1. Making a list and checking it twice.
I learned a lot in this class despite my complaints on how it was set up, but hey you guys warned us that we were in fact Ginny pigs. So here is a list of the things I have learned.
a. Blogging-
which has been beneficial I think. I enjoy reading other peoples blogs!
b. Skype
c. Google Presentations-
This has by far been my most favorite tool I learned how to use in this class. It is easy and free and easy and free.
d. Timetoast timeline- I think this was actually really cool. I got to plot out all the concerts I have been to, and it was awesome
e. Audacity- I like this little program. It is really cool. I like to sing and stuff so I can play it back and see if I really suck or kind of suck.
f. Picasa- I like this one too. I actually use it as my main picture viewer. It is a nifty little thing.

2. Is there anything I wanted to learn, but did not in this class.?

Dr. Strange, I do not think you could have possibly covered anything else in this class. There is not one thing we were not introduced to in this class.

3. What do I want to forget about this class?

TWITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Delicious. The names alone are annoying, much less the site itself. I do not like twitter because it is the worst of all the social sites, which I hate by the way. You cannot even upload a lot of pictures, which is lame! I downloaded Delicious, and did not even use it. It is just there on my tool bar taking up space.

4. Did this class excite me?
I would not say that. I liked the things that I learned about, but for the most part it was a pain in the but to have new assignments all the time to keep up with. Maybe if we would have had a set schedule.

5. Was this class a challenge?
I think this class was not so much a challenge, just that it was time consuming. If you just simply sit down and do it, it is not hard. It just takes patience to figure things out.

6. Were you bored?
This was not a boring class, I was mostly annoyed.

7. How could you change this class?
I would like to make a few suggestions. First, the projects we do should be grouped together. For instance, the blog portion should last for like two weeks. I know we have to keep a running blog and talk about our assignments, but maybe you could have the little assignments to watch the videos in two or three weeks. The work load would feel lighter even though it wasn't. It is stressful to do all of your other projects along with keeping up with the blog.

8. Am I more technology literate now?
Yes, I think in the end this class helped me. Will I remember it two years from now? I have no idea. The technology will probably have changed vastly by then.

9. How will I improve?
I am hoping to continue blogging and talking with people across the world, I do not know where I will be in two years. I may be dead, who knows. Guess we will see. I take it day by day.


  1. "Ginny pigs"? Guinea pigs. You also stumped me with "george bushes". Were you referring to our former President?

    On the blog posts. One central objective was to have a single place where all of your work could be easily found. A "home base" for your intellectual trail. So there is little hope that your 2 week blog will be adopted!

    Ah, but I do have more to add. Compliments of several students. Maybe I'll drop wikis. I'm not much for wikis anyway.

    I can understand your take on Twitter (I don't agree, however), but Delicious. And you have never used it? Why not? It's an indispensable tool for keeping track of great things on the net. You really should try it!

  2. Haley,

    You worked hard this term and your opinions will be taken into account.