Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week 2

Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today

This video hits the nail on the head when it comes to the college experience. Everything that each of those signs read pin points exactly how I feel. The world tricks you. They tell you what a wonderful experience college is, and how you will have the time of your life. If these are the best years of my life, then kill me now. I go to school for fifteen hours so I can keep financial aid, and scholarships. I have to have a full time job to pay for the books, and living expenses.The only sign I did not relate to is the seven hours of sleep. HAHAH. I cannot tell you the last time I got seven hours of sleep. Most of my nights are spent in the glow of my laptop with blood shot eyes praying that I can b.s. my way to an A because I did not have time to read the material due to work. Why do we kill ourselves this way? I never have to time to read half the things that I am assigned.

The concept of this video is great. I like how they did it in a classroom, and it is coming from the students themselves. It is easy to relate to the students, because they are in my position. If it were men in suits holding up signs, it would not be as effective.

"It's Not About the Technology" by Kelly Hines

I agree with Kelly Hines. As I have expressed earlier, I think that technology is helpful, but it can also be an enabler and a distraction. Also, I have expressed my concern with the way the education system is today. it is outdated and ineffective. Many people do say that technology is the way to update and better the education system. I agree with that answer to an extent.

I believe that technology will improve the class-room environment, but I agree with Kelly Hines as well. The teachers are one of the largest factors on a child's experience in the classroom. A teacher can make or break a class for a student. The teacher who is helpful, and goes the extra mile to try and make education fun and easier, is the teacher who will get a better response from his or her students. As a student, I find myself wanting to work harder for those types of teachers. They seem invested in you; therefore, you do not want to let them down.

Karl Fish: Is it Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher

Mr. Fisch is extremely passionate about this particular topic. You can see that technologically illiterate teachers truly upset him, and that his is concerned with the well-being of students. He not only wants his student's to prosper, but he also wants the teachers to do so as well. The first part of this post is a response to A Vision of Students. This video shows how technology illiterate teachers effects the students, Mr. Fisch however addresses the teachers view.

I think that a teacher should be technologically literate, but they do not have to be a computer genius. I agree with Fisch in that being technologically illiterate will be t
he equivalent to illiterate in the future. All all of my classes are hybrid (online and in class), and two of my teachers still aren't sure how to use it. However, I do not think that being technologically literate is just a problem with teachers. I think it is a problem throughout the entire population. So your job as a sanitation worker may not require you to know a computer, but what about when your children need help with homework? Or paying bills online? Or ordering tickets for a concert?

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

This media count puts things into perspective. It shows how much people really use the Internet. The Google search count is outstanding. I am guessing that Myspace is considered obsolete in the Internet world since he does not count how many people use Myspace. The Internet has become a part of daily life. I can remember being a kid using AOL 3.0 on dial up, and hearing you've got mail only once a week. Now I use high speed Internet every day.
This is very relevant to my future job as an educator.

As a teacher you have to understand your students, so you will know the best way to teach them. If most of your students are affiliated with face book, it would probably be beneficial for you to have one so it is easy for them to contact you when they need help. If their lives are highly intertwined with the Internet, then you should probably give them assignments that coincide with that. This way they are doing work, and doing with something they enjoy!


  1. How much better would your college experience be if the classes you take are relevant to being a teacher? I never thought my ed classes were work, they were what I wanted to do.

    The real question here is how do you ensure your students don't have the same problems in school you are having? How do you make curriculum that really isn't going to help them in the "real world" relevant to their lives?

  2. I also found "A Vision of Students Today" to be alarmingly truthful. It made me laugh because I was able to relate to everything that was being said.
    I also have teachers who teach hybrid courses and don't upload grades or anything. Its frustrating when you do your part by uploading your papers and they cant upload your grades.